Release 2.6

Release #:  2.6

Release Date:  7/05/2020

This code release includes many new features, bug fixes, and performance enhancements. Keep reading to learn more about this release. 


What's New?

  • Self-Service Kiosk Enhancements
    • Pay later with cash:  With the pay later with cash feature, your customers can now order from the kiosk and pay at the register with cash or other tender types.  The transaction is easily loaded into the employee register and the employee can complete the sale with cash. 
    • Session products:  A session product allows a customer to book a limited capacity session such as a bounce time for trampolines.  By adding session product to the kiosk your customers can have a contactless entrance experience. 
    • Waivers:  The ability to sign a waiver during the purchase process at the kiosk allows customers to avoid long lines at the front desk.   
    • Credit Card Manual Entry: this version adds support for manual credit card entry, ideal for when customers use their own device.
    • Price Adjustment Rules: price adjustment rules are now supported on kiosk products.
    • Remove on-screen keyboard:  By removing the onscreen kiosk keyboard, you can use a standalone keyboard or use it on guests' own mobile devices.
    • Remove info tab: This setting allows removing the Info tab on the checkout process. This step is sometimes unnecessary when the waiver step is used.
  • Waiver Features
    • PIN number:  This feature allows you to require a pin number before a customer's data is loaded into a waiver.  This provides added privacy for your customer's personal data. 
    • Formatting:  Several formatting features were added to the waiver to accommodate various different customer preferences in style and layout of the waiver. 
    • Postal code & province for Canada:  This allows the state field to say province instead of state for our Canadian customers. 
    • Remove signature:  This is an option to have your customers click a check box to sign the waiver instead of actually signing on screen.
    • Set reaffirm date to 18 year birthday: If 17-year-old minors are required to sign new waiver when turning 18, this feature will set reaffirm dates to 18th birthday. Set up in waiver workflow settings.
    • Sign form sent as link instead of PDF:  When waivers are signed, guest will get an email with a link to view signed document instead of attached PDF file. This creates a more secure and private method to view personal information. It also improves email deliverability. 
    • Added validation for minimum age as minor: When adding minors to a waiver, the birth date cannot be more than minimum age. Setting in workflow.
  • Bookings
    • Email for cart abandonment: A setting to require the guest booking events online to enter email address at step 2. If they abandon the cart, the email will be saved to contact them later about the booking. 
    • Bigger upsell buttons on event portal: Making the buttons bigger on upsells will improve conversion for more upsells in the event portal. 
    • Partial refunds: When refunding payment from a booking, you can now enter custom refund amounts to refund instead of having to refund full payment. 
    • Invoice customizations: You can now add some more custom things to the booking invoice, including gratuity line, signature line, notes section, "pay to", and logo image. To add these, there is a new sub-tab in the Event Management settings for invoices. Then tie the invoice to the assignment. 
  • Inventory
    • Inventory tracking: Inventory module is now connected to eCommerce to sell physical goods and track inventory online. The same way it's done on the employee register.
    • Out of stock threshold: You can show a product 'out of stock' online once it reaches a specified minimum level. This can be configured on eCommerce product settings.
    • Collect shipping info at checkout: when selling physical goods online, you can enable shipping options which will collect the customer's shipping address at checkout. 
    • Online order tracking: Now that physical goods can be sold online, and shipping information can be collected, there is a new screen to track and mark status of online orders to be shipped. There is a new tab in eCommerce module for this.
    • Inventory by Vendor: Inventory Management has a new view to see inventory stock by Vendor with associated filters.
  • Access Control Mobile App
    • This release includes a new mobile app for any platform mobile device to run our new access control module. You can use your own smart phone or purpose-built handheld scanner to scan tickets and memberships. Contact us for more info about how to set this up or for help to purchase handheld scanning devices. 
  • A new setting to enable on-screen tip selection in employee register. When this is enabled, when an AuthOnly credit card payment is taken, a screen pops up with tip percentage options for the customer to select a tip percentage. This requires the customer to be able to see the screen or swivel the POS computer facing the customer. It also works together with the on-screen signature capture feature. Contact Aluvii to change the default tip percentages.
  • The session workflow has a new setting to add advanced buffer period for sessions on eCommerce. This will prevent guests from selecting a session slots that are within a certain time period before the session. This works the same way as advanced buffer does on bookings.
  • When using the Cardknox gift cards integration, you can now use full mag stripe string when swiping magnetic strip.
  • On occasion, a credit card payment can process, but not reflect in Aluvii. If this happens, this feature allows you to add the payment manually to Aluvii to match. This is found in Administration module under Accounting tab. 
  • A new checkbox on the Membership Package settings to default check the pay plan box. Many employees were forgetting to check the box to enable pay plan, this new setting will default check the box. For online memberships, this box will be required checked forcing guests to sign up for pay plan. 
  • Added ability to search waivers by email, phone, or name when searching in session screen.
  • The rentals module has a new feature to lookup waivers on file required for rental. once the guest is added to the rental order, Aluvii will automatically detect the waiver on file.
  • When creating discount rules, you can now add multiple items (memberships, products, assignments, etc) to the single rule. This will make creating discounts much faster when creating multi-tiered discounts. 



  • All payment screens have a new button to Find Missing Payments. To learn more, read this article
  • When viewing a booking, we changed the location of a few buttons. In the top right corner is a gear icon with a dropdown where you can (1) cancel booking, (2) download invoice, (3) email invoice, and (4) manage holds. 
  • Register enhancements:
    • Minimum credit card amounts was changed from $1 to $0.25
    • New button for cash to add "exact change"
  • Will Call module will now show the product name tied to the ticket
  • When a membership expires, it no longer stays there for 30 days. It removes immediately after expiring and goes to Expired Memberships tab on the account.
  • Speed Enhancements: We have increased the speed of loading booking times to load faster.


All reported bugs have been fixed.


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