Register Management Reports Deprecation

The reports in the Register Management activity have been replaced with new reports in the Reporting activity.  Below is a list of all of the beloved Register Management reports mapped to its new replacement in the Reporting activity.

Daily Reports

Register Total Report = Sales Summary (choose "By Register" for summary level)

All Register Detail = Sales Transactions 

Daily Category Report = Sales Summary (choose "By Category" for Summary Level)

Accounting Code Total Report = Financial Summary (choose "By Accounting Code" for summary level)

Payment by Register Detail Report = Payment Detail

Payment by register Report = Payment Detail

Cash and Credit Report = Payment Detail 

Discount Code Report = Discount Summary

Gift Card Usage = Gift Card Balance Details 

Gift Card Usage Summary = Gift Card Balance Details

Tax Exempt Report = Sales Tax by Tax Type 

Accounting Reports

Transaction Report - Sales Transactions

Transaction Summary Report - Financial Summary

Transaction Comparison = deprecated.  

Pending Transaction Report = still in register management, because it is an interactive report

Revenue by Hour = Sales Summary (choose "By Hour" for summary level)

Ecommerce Sales Report = Sales Transactions (choose "Online" for Transaction Source)

Membership Management Reports

Current Membership and Renewals Report = deprecated.  

Product Reports

Product per Capita Report = deprecated

Product per Capita by Category Report = deprecated

Access Control Reports

Gate Count Report = Park Attendance

Gate Count by Hour Report = Park Attendance

Register Report

Deleted Products on Registers = Register Management activity > Registers tab > Registers sub tab > check Show Deleted Records.

Guest Account Report

Guest Account Report = Guest Export

Guest Report = Guest Export

Guest Membership Report = Memberships







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