Accounts Receivable by Customer

Accounts receivable by customer.  Accounts receivable are possible in events and rentals.


Start Date: scheduled start date at 00:00:00 of events and rentals 

Transactions to Include: all events and rentals transactions or just transactions with an outstanding balance (payments do not equal charges)

End Date: scheduled end date at 23:59:59.999 of events and rentals 

Location: location of the events and rentals


Guest Account Name: guest account name

Phone Number: primary phone number of the guest account

Email: primary email address of the guest account

Order Id: order Id of the event/rental

Charges: total charges of the event/rental

Paid: total paid for the event/rental

Due: Charges - Paid

Event Date: event start date

Event Time: event start time

Total Guests: total guests on the event/rental

Assignment: event assignment for the order

Category: event/rental category

Package: event/rental package

Location: location of the event/rental


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