Product List

List of products. 

* Note that this includes only products (Register Management activity > Product tab > Product sub tab) and not other sellable items, such as gift cards, event assignments, stored value, etc.

** Note that a product will be repeated for each Tax Option Name applied, each site to which the product is inventoried, and/or if the product is priced by location


Location: filter the location to which the product is tied

Include Deleted: Yes to include deleted products; otherwise, no.


Product Id: unique product id for the product

Product Name: name of the product

Product SKU: the stock keeping unit (SKU) for the product

Location: location of the product

Category Name: product category name of the product

Manufacturer Name: manufacturer name of the product

Supplier Name: supplier name of the product

Accounting Code: accounting code assigned to the product

Unit Price: unit price of the product

Unit Cost: unit cost of the product

Tax Option Name: tax option name of the product

Tax Rate: tax rate of the tax option name of the product

Inventoried:  true if inventoried; otherwise, false

Is Deleted: true if the product is soft deleted; otherwise, false

Is Active: true if the product is active; otherwise, false


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