Signed Waivers

List of all signed waivers


Waiver Name: waiver name

Signature Start Date - waiver signature date in range.

Signature End Date - waiver signature date in range.


Signed Waiver Id: unique signedWaiverId

Guest Account Name: guest account name

Guest Account Owner First Name: guest account owner first name

Guest Account Owner Last Name: guest account owner last name

Guest First Name: first name of guest

Guest Last Name: last name of guest

Phone Number: primary phone number of guest

Guest Age: age as of the date the report is run

Email:  primary email address of guest

Date of Signature: date waiver was signed

Guest Membership Name: name of guest membership tied to the waiver

Expiration Date: date the waiver must be reaffirmed

Parent Guest Name: name of the guardian/parent/responsible party on the waiver.

Status: valid or expired

Waiver Name: name of waiver


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