Feature Request Module

Each business is unique.  As you use Aluvii, you will certainly have ideas for new features and enhancements.  Aluvii was born out of the need for a broad and deep feature set that continues to evolve and grow with an aggressive development road map.  To help better organize and prioritize that evolution, we have launched a new feature request module. 

At its core, the module allows you to 1) submit a feature request, and 2) vote on which feature requests you'd like to see first.  Those votes will be the top prioritizing factor in selecting what to work on next on the software road map.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use it:

1.  Go to https://customapps.aluvii.com/feature-request


2.  Click on the "Create an Account" to register or provide your Email and Password if you already created one.  * Note that the login credentials for the feature request module are separate from those used to login to Aluvii Software or any other Aluvii-related portal.

3.  When creating an account, provide your First Name, Last Name, Company Name, and Email. Create a password and confirm it to finalize account creation.


4. To avoid submitting a request that someone else has already submitted, you can search for Keywords or filter the requests by Modules.  By not duplicating submissions, you avoid spreading your votes across multiple of the same feature request resulting in diluting vote counts.


5. If your request is already filed by another client, you can show your support for that feature by clicking on the "Vote" button. Each user has a limited number of votes.  If your feature request has not yet been submitted, click on the "New Request" button.


6. When you click on the new feature button, you will receive a reminder message about avoiding duplicate entries. Because you have already searched for duplicate entries, you can click "Proceed Anyway".


7. Fill out the fields.  Try to be as concise as possible while clearly describing your request.  In order to encourage the concise conveyance of your idea, the fields are limited in character count.


8.  When you are done, click on the “Submit Request” button.


9.  Your feature request has been logged!


We hope that the feature request module will serve Aluvii's vision of a software that is alive and constantly evolving to meet the most important needs of our customers.


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