Cashing Tips Out

When Tips are received from customers, they are recorded in the Tip Cash Out tab of the Cash Control activity. Tips can be tendered in any supported and enabled default payment type or custom tender type; however, when a tip is cashed out, the assumption is that cash currency or coin is removed from a till and given to the employee.

Cashing Tips Out

1. Launch Cash Control module and click the Tip Cash Out tab.


2. The tips are sorted in descending order on date received, and you can optionally search for a specific tip by typing a search term into the Search field using Employee's Name or Transaction ID

     2.a Search using Employee's Name


     2.b Search using Transaction ID


3. Once you find the desired tip that you'd like to cash out, click the Cash Out button.


4. The Simple Cash Payment modal will appear. If you're cashing out the entire tip, then just hit Submit button. You can leave the Cash Received field blank. Note that the employee logged in doing the cash out will require a till assigned to themselves. The till cash balance will be updated for the employee doing the cash out, not the employee's till who received the tip. 


4. After the tip has been cashed out, the Cash Out button will not longer be visible. 


Note that the date/time of the tip cash out is the same date/time that the tip was taken, so it is best practice to cash out the tip on the same day the tip was received to have the reporting of the tip receipt and cash out on the same day's report.  The  functionality to record the date/time of the cash out as of the time the Cash Out button is pressed is on the road map to be added soon.

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