Rescheduling Session Products

Rescheduling the date and time of a session is done in the Will Call activity. 


  • You can only reschedule the date and time of the same session product.  For example, if a customer originally purchased session product A and wants to change to session product B (regardless of whether or not they want to change the date and time), the purchase of session product A must be refunded and the purchase of session product B on the new date must be performed again. 
  • If there are multiple participant guests on a single transaction, all participant guests will be rescheduled together.

Rescheduling a Session Product

1.  Launch the Will Call module, click on the Sessions tab, and Transactions sub tab.


2.  Select the desired Date Range on the Search Bar.  Optionally, further filter search results by typing a Customer Name or Transaction ID.  Click on the Search icon.

Change_the_Date_of_Purchased_Session_Product_using_Will_Call_2.jpg3.  Now, choose the appropriate Session Product in the search results and click on the caret icon to expand the session product details.

Change_the_Date_of_Purchased_Session_Product_using_Will_Call_3.jpg4.  Check the Waiver Checkbox to launch the Waiver modal.

Change_the_Date_of_Purchased_Session_Product_using_Will_Call_4.jpg5. Click on the Time tab to view available schedules.Change_the_Date_of_Purchased_Session_Product_using_Will_Call_5.jpg6.  Choose another date or time slot to change the schedule of the purchased session product.Change_the_Date_of_Purchased_Session_Product_using_Will_Call_6.jpg



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