Release 2.7

Release #:  2.7

Release Date:  10/5/2020

This code release includes many new features, bug fixes, and performance enhancements. Keep reading to learn more about this release. 

What's New?

  • Safety Video for Waivers
    • Some industries and jurisdictions require customers to watch a safety video before participating in the activity. This new feature will allow businesses to configure their Aluvii waivers to show customers a safety video during the waiver signing process. 
  • Integration with VeriWaiver
    • We have worked with VeriWaiver software to integrate their best-in-class waiver system to Aluvii. By connecting VeriWaiver to Aluvii, customers can sign a waiver in VeriWaiver and the data flows through to Aluvii with guest information and reaffirm (expiration) dates. View their website to learn more.
    • We've been busy building third-party integrations using a variety of REST APIs. We have opened our REST APIs to allow you to build custom integrations and connections or pull data. Reach out to us to learn more. We'll be working on more REST endpoints going forward to enhance our integration and data capabilities.
  • AVS (Address Verification) Zip Code Matching for Payment Processing
    • To help better prevent chargebacks on payment processing, it helps to enabled zip code matching with the credit card accounts. This is now possible to pass zip code to the processor to verify a match. This requires some configurations in both Aluvii and Cardknox gateway for this to work. Reach out to Aluvii if you want to set this up.
  • Round Up for Donations
    • Allow customers to round up to the nearest dollar on transactions to improve your donations. A new button is added to all payment screens in the employee portal where employees can round up the payments. 
  • Show Balance Due on Booking Receipts
    • The booking "invoice" shows full details of a booking with payments, amount due, etc. We have added a new placeholder on booking "receipts" to show balance due for the booking. Add this new placeholder to your booking receipt template to enable this. 
  • Charge Fees on Payments
    • In Ecommerce module, there is already an option to add a transaction fee to online order. We have added the ability to do this in the employee portPubal also. Now you can charge a fee on payment types. The most common use case for this is to add a surcharge for credit card payments to pass along processing fees to customers. It also works for other types of payments, like cash and gift cards. 


Includes reported bug fixes and performance enhancements.




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