Round Up

The Round Up feature allows customers to round their transaction up to the nearest dollar, usually to donate the rounded up amount to charity. A new button is added to all payment screens in the employee portal where employees can round up the payments.

Configuring Round Up Feature

1. To enable the Round Up feature you need to create a "Round Up" product and set the price as an undefined price


2.  Go to Administration > Configuration > Common Settings > Other Settings and check "Allow Round Up."  Then select the Round Up product that you created with the undefined price in step 1. Make sure to Save Changes. The Round Up button will then appear on the payment screen.


Using the Round Up Feature:

1. When you have finished adding the products to the cart, Proceed to collect payments as usual.



2. Click the Round Up button in the payment screen.



3. After clicking the Round Up button, it will round up the total payment to the nearest dollar amount (taxes and fees included).



4. You can track the Round Up amounts on any report that includes product sales because it will show as a sale of the product created in step 1.



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