Release 3.0

Release #:  3.0

Release Date:  5/3/2021

This code release is a major release with some significant infrastructure changes related to how Aluvii communicates with hardware peripheral devices such as receipt printers, cash drawers, ticket printers, etc. This release requires a new hardware gateway installation for hardware to work properly. The previous version is not backwards compatible.

This release also includes many new features, bug fixes, and performance enhancements. Keep reading to learn more about this release.  


What's New?

  • Hardware Overhaul: For the past 18 months we have been working hard to improve hardware connection issues. We've completely rebuilt the infrastructure that communicates with hardware devices making it more reliable and resilient. 

    With this hardware release, it's no longer required to assign tills and registers to the hardware. Although this functionality still exsits, the new method will auto detect which computer the print request comes from and print to that computer's hardware. This should reduce effort in assigning hardware and reduce confusion.

    The hardware release should also include the followowing benefits:

    • Higher stability to not lose connection as often
    • If connection is lost, it will attempt to reconnect automatically
    • The response and speed of communication to hardware devices is faster
    • Print speed of receipts will be faster
    • Increased capacity to handle more load and scale
    • Better logging to more quickly troubleshoot issues
    • Installation and setup of local gateway is simpler, faster, and easier to test
    • Includes a new user-friendly management portal to setup and test hardware
    • New gateway updates will automatically prompt user to quickly install latest update
  • Card Printer Integration
    • Included with this hardware update is the ability to directly integrated card printers for printing guest passes for memberships and season passes.
  • Kiosk Hardware Integration
    • Also with the hardware updates, we've added the ability to connect hardware to the self-service kiosk to print receipts and tickets.
  • Prompt Tips on Payment Device
    • When doing transactions with credit card payment, you can now have the payment device prompt the customer to add a tip on the device and Aluvii will record it properly as a tip.
  • Custom Amount Upsell Products for Bookings ("Any Amount")
    • When managing bookings and birthday parties, you sometimes need to add a custom-priced product to the order. Just like on Employee Registers, you can now utilize "undefined priced products" on booking upsells to allow the employee to enter any price to the product.
  • Bulk Data Imports
    • This update includes the ability to bulk import common data records. You can download an Excel template to import the following data types: (1) products, (2) guests and accounts, (3) discount codes, (4) gift cards, and (5) rental assets. 
  • Google reCAPTCHA
    • With a global increase in hackers, bots, and malicious credit card testing to ecommerce stores, we've implemented Google reCAPTCHA 3.0 to detect suspicious activity and block attacks to the web store portal. This should reduce chargebacks due to fraud.
  • Card Attempt Limits
    • Along with reCAPTCHA to prevent web store attacks, we've implemented a credit card failed attempt limit. If there are more than 5 consecutive failed card attempts on the web store, the user will be blocked from completing the sale. This should reduce chargebacks due to fraud.
  • 3D Secure 2.0
    • We have implemeted 3D Secure 2.0 to our web store. This technology is quickly becoming industry standard for online payments. In Summary, it is a security protocol that adds a layer of authentication in the online checkout process to verify cardholders’ identity prior to authorizing a payment. The purpose of 3DS is to protect a shopper’s credit card against unauthorized use when shopping online. There is a small tranasction fee assessed by the processor to enable this. Contact Aluvii for more info and to enable this.
  • Customize Rental Shoe Size Types & Size Options
    • You can now customize your shoe size types and shoe sizes for the rentals module in the Rental Management module.
  • Bookings E-Invitations & RSVP
    • When customers book parties or events online, aferward they can send digital invitations to their party guests directly in the guest portal. It supports SMS and email invitations. The invitation includes a link for the customer to RSVP who is attending or not attending the event. The same functionality can be managed by the employee in employee portal. 
  • Advanced Entitlement Rules for Memberships
    • Membership packages previously only supported a certain quantity of scans per day per entitlement. We've added more advanced configurations for memberships to allow very custom rules between entitlements on a membership package.



  • When setting subschedule times, it was previously required to use only pre-selected start times every 30 minutes. Users can now manually override the start and end times using mouse and keyboard for more custom options.
  • Product names can now support more special character options when naming products.
  • When consuming a ticket on will call, the expanded record will no longer collapse. This allows to consume multiple tickets quicker.
  • When a till is closed, it can now be reopened.
  • We've added transaction date/time column to the online orders grid in ecommerce module.
  • Guest Management CRM tab was renamed to "Notes", and we've added the ability to edit notes on an account. 
  • The timecard interface has been changed to more easily see punch pairs and missing punches. You can also add/edit job titles for a punch. 
  • Edit Asset screen now has a notes field to keep track of asset maintenance and other notes.
  • Partial refunds for credit card payments have been added to rental orders module.
  • Allow to print a receipt on bookings module without first having a payment. 




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