Payment Plans

Aluvii memberships allow you to offer incremental and auto-renewal plans. When creating a membership package, you can set the package to run a payment plan when sold. 
A. First, you'll need to configure the Pay Plan settings in the Membership Packages module under the Payment Plans tab. 
Select the payment plan type you want to edit or create a new one from the grid options dropdown.
  • Incremental Payment Plan - allows the customer to pay for membership over several months in installments. For example, if you have a $100 membership to be paid in equal installments over 3 months, this type of pay plan would be used.
    • Pay Plan Locked to Edits does not do anything for now so you can leave it as is. 
    • Use Bill On Membership Exp uses the day the membership is purchased as the Day of Month to Bill.
  • Auto-Renewal Payment Plan - this type will renew the membership on a recurring basis. You can choose to renew it for a defined number of periods, or choose to renew it for an undefined number of periods (until the pay plan is cancelled). Undefined periods is most commonly used and allows the membership to auto renew each period forever until cancelled. If you set a number of periods, then the membership will renew for that number of periods and then stop renewing. For example, if you set the periods to 5, then the membership will renew 5 times and then stop renewing. (The "period" length will be set by the membership package, not the pay plan here. This screen only deals with the number of periods to renew, not the length of the period).
B. After configuring the payment plan, you can assign it to a membership package to be used by the membership package.
    1. In the "edit membership package" screen, check the box for Allow Payment Plan.mceclip6.png
    2. Select the type of pay plan (incremental or auto-renewal) and the payment plan option you created in the first steps. Note that the checkbox for Default Pay Plan will check the pay plan option by default when selling the membership.
    3. Click Next and Submit so save the changes.
After selling the membership, you can view the membership on the guest's account in the Account Info tab and you'll see a credit card icon on the membership indicating the membership is on pay plan. You can click the icon to see the pay plan details and payment history. 
The Pay Plans tab in the guest's account will show all the payment plans for the account. This tab allows you to view the history of the pay plan and modify the pay plan. Modifying the pay plan also allows you to change the card on file or cancel the pay plan. 
** Note: In Canada, if you want to do pay plans and get the card on file, you have to take the payment directly hand keyed into Aluvii or through the Cardknox payment engine screen. Using the device won’t keep the card on file because the card readers are semi-integrated and are not directly connected to CardKnox. CardKnox will only see the card number to store when hand keyed, and we need to store the card for recurring payments. 
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