Adding Transaction Fees to Employees Register and Bookings

We have previously discussed adding transaction fees to E-Commerce but you can also add them in Employees Register and Bookings. The fee will apply based on payment type. For example, if you want to charge a fee to cover credit card fees, you can have the fee only apply for credit card payments. Here’s how you can do it:


Note that we still need to set up the fee structure in the Ecommerce module and then it can be applied to Employee Registers and Bookings module from here.

  1. First, go to the Ecommerce module, then click on the Setup tab, and then click on the Fee tab. Click on the Select Options menu and choose Add Fee.Add_Fee.png
  2. Next, provide the details of the fee, and in this example, we will set up a credit card transaction fee. Choose the Percentage option if you want to calculate a certain percentage of the sale for the fee or Flat Rate if you want to set it on a definite amount. Click Save when all the details are complete.Fee_Details.png
  3. Then, go back to the Ecommerce module and click on the Website tab. Click on the Select Options and choose Add Website. If you already have a website created for your web store, you'll want to create a different one solely for the purpose of charging fees on Employee Registers or Bookings, or both.  Add_Website.png
  4. Under General, provide the Website Name, and since we are using this for credit card transactions, we labeled it as “Credit Card Fee”. Enable the Include Website Transaction Fee option.Website_Name.png
  5. After that, choose the Fee Name you have setup previously which will be displayed on the drop-down list. Set the Fee Amount.Fee_Name.png
  6. You can choose to add a tax for the fee as well. Just enable the Charge Tax option and choose the appropriate tax options. In this example, we did not enable the tax for we already have taxes set up in the products.Tax.png
  7. Now, set up the Payment Types according to the payment you need to charge. Since this fee is only for Credit Card payments, we only add the Credit Card option. If you have a fee applicable to other payment types, be sure to enable them.Payment_Type.png
  8. The details below are not crucial but you can just copy them so that the system will let you proceed to the next page.Website_Details.png
  9. However, the crucial part is the Source. This will determine if the fee should work with Ecommerce, Bookings, Cashier Register checkout, or on all of them. Click Next to proceed to the next tab.Source.png
  10. On the Theme page, Upload a logo and provide the Footer Title and Footer Content. Click Save to finalize the setup. Theme.png
  11. Finally, go back to the Administration module, click on Configuration, then Common Settings, and then Other Settings. Make sure to check the Enable Fees for non eCommerce Transactions option.Enable-Fees.png
  12. To check, you should be able to see the transaction fee added on the payment screen on Employees Register or Booking page.Payment_Screen.png
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