Release 2.8

Release #:  2.8

Release Date:  11/30/2020 (Alpha)

This code release includes many new features and bug fixes. With ski areas opening this winter season, this release was focused on our rentals module and various ski resort feature requests. Keep reading to learn more about this release.


What's New?

  • Rental module enhancements
    • Asset types can now be configured to track available assets to prevent overselling of an asset type. With this enabled, it will ensure you only sell as many of a certain asset combination as you have in stock.
      • If someone selects a size but then gets a different size later, the inventory will update to reflect the newly assigned size.
    • Previously rentals only allowed full payment, you can now take partial payments up to the total order amount. 
      • We also added support for partial refunds on rental orders.
    • In the rental portal, there is a new optional setting to add sizing descriptions to make selections easier.
    • We cleaned up the rental kiosk to be easier and more intuitive.
    • We fixed some issues related to late fees.
    • Display transaction ID on rental order payment tab making it easier to lookup transactions in reports and return screens.
    • New configuration to set the sales start and sales end date ranges on rental packages.
    • We moved the "view" button on rentals orders to the far left column to accommodate smaller screens.
  • Set Membership Cards to Print Portrait
    • You can now enable membership cards to download with both landscape and portrait orientation. 
  • Direct Customer to Description Page on Ecommerce
    • When customers shop on the ecommerce portal, you can set an optional configuration to change the "Add to Cart" button to say "View" instead. When customers click the button, they'll be redirected to the full product description page before they can add to cart. This is useful if you want to be sure customers read the description before buying.
  • Set the Display Order on Booking Upsells
    • We've added support to set the display order on booking upsells so that your most popular products are displayed first in the list. Simply drag and drop the upsell product in the order you want. 
  • Drag and Drop Product Display Order on Employee Register
    • It's now easier to rearrange the product display order on employee registers. We've implemented a drag and drop interface to more easily set the display order. Or you can type in the display order number for more precise positioning. 



  • Print receipts on bookings even if there are no payments
  • Kitchen register orders now display employee register name to know where the order was sent from. This is useful for orders coming from the self-service kiosk.
  • Added support for Odata on our REST APIs to better handle data filtering 


Includes reported bug fixes and performance enhancements.




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