Managing Customer Tabs (Saved Transactions/AuthOnly)

You may want to allow customers to open a tab while at your facility.  Customer tabs are interchangeably referred to as customer tabs or saved transactions or AuthOnly in Aluvii. 

Note: Customer Tabs are only supported with Cardknox payment gateway.

Enable Customer Tabs

You must perform the following steps on each register on which you'd like to enable customer tabs.

1.  Register Management activity > Registers tab > double click a register to edit and check the box "Show AuthOnly Tender."


Authorize a Charge Card

1.  To open a customer tab, add the initial products to the cart on your register just like any other transaction and click on the Collect button.02_Start_Transaction.png

2.  Once you are on the payment screen, click on the +Tab button and the bottom of the page.


3.  The Credit-AuthOnly payment interface will load and swipe/dip the charge card.  The charge card will "authorize" the card for the amount currently in the cart. The transaction is automatically stored on the Saved Transactions grid for all cashiers.  Note that the card is not actually charged in this step, so be sure to complete the steps in the Close the Customer Tab and Charge the Card on File section in order to actually charge the card and collect your money.  


Manage Customer Tabs

1.   Click on the Saved Transaction icon on the top header to load the Saved Transactions grid.  The grid has two tabs labelled Saved and Add Tip.  The Saved tab is a list of all open customer tabs.  Click the Load button for the customer tab you'd like to manage.  The Add Tip tab is described below in Add a Tip/Gratuity to a Customer Tab section.  


2. The saved transaction will be loaded into the register interface, and you will be able to add or remove items from the cart or proceed to checkout as with a non-customer tab cart.


3. On the payment screen, you have the option to save the changes to the tab again by clicking the Save button or proceed to charge the card (see Charge the Card on File section).


Add a Tip/Gratuity to a Customer Tab

1. Click on the Saved Transaction icon on the top header to load the Saved Transactions grid (see Manage Customer Tabs).  Select the Add Tip tab to load all open customer tabs.


2.  Select the Customer Tab to which you'd like to add a tip and follow the instructions found here.  

Close the Customer Tab and Charge the Card on File

1. When you want to close the customer tab and charge the card on file, click on the Credit-Sale payment tab and it will prompt you to proceed using the card on file.  The card will be charged, and you can complete the transaction like usual. 


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