Discount Summary - Deprecated

Summary of discount codes used for each product including discount amount.


Start Date: start date of sales in range

Group By: select the column by which the report should be grouped for summaries

Discount Code (optional):  type the exact text (not case-sensitive) of the discount code you'd like to filter.  Multiple discount codes can be entered using commas with a space between discount codes (ex. DISCOUNT 20, DISCOUNT 50)

End Date: end date of sales in range

Columns to Show: select which columns you'd like to show in the report's table


Discount Code - discount code used to apply discount

Discount Name - name of the discount package 

Product - product to which the discount code was applied

Product amount - gross sales price for the product before the discount was applied.

Discounted Quantity - quantity of the product that had a discount applied

Discount Amount - amount of discount applied to the product

Transaction Date - date of the transaction

Week - week part of Transaction Date

Month - month part of Transaction Date

Year - year part of Transaction Date

Transaction Id - transaction Id of the transaction to which the discount was applied




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