Selling Gift Card in eCommerce

When selling a gift card in E-Commerce, you will need to set up three things.

First: Create a ticket for your Gift Card.

1. Create a Ticket Template for your gift card in PDF print format. 

2. Create a Ticket Type for each denomination of gift card you want to sell. 

2nd: Create the Gift Card Product in Register Management

Add the gift card products in the Register Management and set it up as a ticketed product. 

**If you prefer to have a separate category for gift cards, you can add the category in the Register Management module, Products tab, Categories sub-tab.

**Remember to use the appropriate gift card ticket types on the products. 

Finally: Add the Gift Card product to E-Commerce

The final step is to add the gift card in E-Commerce. May sure to deselect the option "Physical Product" and assign the ticket type to the product so that the ticket template prints upon customer checkout. 


Steps to follow once the customer purchases on eCommerce

#1.  The customer brings the ticket into the facility to pick up a physical gift card. 

#2.  Scan the ticket in access control to deactivate the ticket so the ticket can't be used twice.  You can select the entitlement called "Gift Card Redemption"

#3.  Generate the gift card.  To generate a gift card for the guest, go to Gift Card Management module, Gift Card tab, and select Bulk Generate from the drop-down menu. 


Things to remember:

1. Gift cards can't be used for online purchases and can only be used in the store location for purchases in the employee register. 



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