Gift Card Import

This article explains how to import gift cards.  This article assumes you are familiar with managing gift cards and selling gift cards.  You must have created gift card types before importing gift cards.

1.  Launch Gift Card Management Activity > Gift Cards tab.  Click on the Import button.


2.  Download the Gift Card Import Template and populate it with the desired data.



  • Description: Unique identifier of the GiftCardTypeId.  Retrieve the GiftCardTypeId from Launch Gift Card Management Activity > Gift Card Types tab
  • Data Type: Integer (whole number)
  • Required: Yes
  • Must be Unique: No


  • Description: Current outstanding balance amount on the gift card
  • Data Type: Decimal
  • Required: Yes
  • Must be Unique: No


  • Description: Original balance of the gift card when it was initially sold (this amount is often unknown and set equal to the CurrentBalance)
  • Data Type: Decimal
  • Required: Yes
  • Must be Unique: No


  • Description: Barcode associated with the gift card
  • Data Type: Text up to 20 characters
  • Required: Yes
  • Must be Unique: Yes


  • Description: Gift card barcode type. Set value to GiftCard.
  • Data Type: Text
  • Required: Yes
  • Must be Unique: No

3. Save the spreadsheet preserving the file format as CSV UTF-8 (Comma delimited) (*.csv)

4. Return to the Import Gift Cards modal and click Choose File and select the populated spreadsheet of discount codes and click Next


5. Review the content import for accuracy and select Submit.


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