Reporting in Regions Outside of the United States

Aluvii's reports are authored using Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS).  It is a robust tool that is flexible and robust.  SSRS attempts to predict the format in which you will input the date based on the region settings in Google Chrome and your operating system.  Report users with regional settings outside of the United States may experience a situation where even when using the provided date picker, the dates are entered in the incorrect format.  For example, a date of March 3, 2021 could return a date in the year 2003.  

To remedy this, experiment with manually typing in different date formats.  For example, the default is MM/DD/YYYY.  Try YYYY/MM/DD and DD/MM/YYYY to see which format is best for your region's settings.

We are actively working on more consistent experience across region settings.

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