Release 2.9

Release #:  2.9

Release Date:  2/10/2021

This code release includes many new features and bug fixes. This release includes mostly enhancements to the Inventory module. Keep reading to learn more about this release.


What's New?

  • Variant Groups for Inventory: A variant group is a way to more easily manage product variants and attribute options. For example, if you sell t-shirts, you can easily manage variants of size and color.  
    • When creating variant group products, you can manage names, barcodes, inventory count, inventory sites, reorder points, etc. 
    • Sell variant group products from Ecommerce and in Employee Register.
    • Managing Variant Group products easily from the ecommerce product screen to customize prices, images, and other product attributes per variant option
    • Added toggle on ecommerce product grid to hide/show variant products in the list
  • Prevent Overselling Inventory on Ecommerce
    • When adding inventoried products to cart on ecommerce, it checks current inventory and quantities added to cart to prevent overselling. You can't add more units to cart than what you have in stock. 
  • Grouping Session Products Schedules on Ecommerce
    • We added ability to group session product schedules together on ecommerce making it easier for customers to select the schedules where the session schedule is different between products.
  • Manage Inventory from Product Screen
    • On the Edit Product screen, we've added the ability to manage inventoried sites, current units on hand, and reorder points. 
  • Hide product except as cross sell. 
    • A new configuration on ecommerce products where the product can be hidden by default except as an upsell. 
  • Show cross sell product in popup
    • When this is enabled, the product will prompt in a popup directly after the related product is added to cart making it more likely the customer will see it and add the upsell to cart.
  • Pass IP Address to cardknox payment gateway
    • To more easily detect fraudulent credit card activity, the user's IP address is sent to Cardknox. This also allows to enable some safeguard features in Cardknox.



  • Enhanced UI on session screen on ecommerce to make it more clear for customers
  • Added transaction ID to rental order payments tab for easier lookup
  • Allow reorder point list to show even when hiding reorder point at 0





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