Important Information about 3.0 Release

To see the 3.0 release notes, click here.

This code version has major changes in how the software interacts with hardware peripheral devices such as receipt printers, cash drawer, tickets, etc.; and therefore requires a new hardware gateway install on each POS computer that is using hardware peripheral devices. Once you receive the upgrade, the old gateway will no longer work and requires the new gateway to be installed. Each computer can take about 5-10 minutes to update. The Aluvii support team can install the new gateway on your computers using a remote session.  Click here to launch a support chat on the computer where the new gateway needs to be installed to initiate the remote session.

We will be updating customers in grouped phases over a period of several weeks. Because the update requires a coordinated effort with the gateway installation, we will notify you before we update so that you can make plans accordingly. 

In preparation for this new update, you can read our release notes to see what is new. You may be skipping a few versions when you go to 3.0, so read the release notes for other earlier versions to get a full picture of the new upgrades. To check what version you are running currently, remove everything after the ".com" on your Aluvii URL. For example, if your company name were Disney, then the URL would be See example below:


If you have any concerns about the upgrade, email



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