Release 3.1

Release #:  3.1

Release Date:  12/27/2021

This release includes many new features, bug fixes, and performance enhancements. Keep reading to learn more about this release.  


What's New?

  • Sign Waivers During Ecommerce Sales
    • You can set any ecommerce product to require a waiver be signed during the ecommerce checkout process. With this configuration, you can make sure the customer will sign the waiver before buying. There are configurations to only allow one adult to be included on the waiver.
  • Pay With Gift Cards on Ecommerce
    • Now customers can use their gift cards to pay and checkout with their store portal transactions.
  • SkiData Enhancements

    • Reworked the integration for the new 3.0 hardware gateway to increase stability.
    • In the new gateway management portal, setup is easier and supports more SkiData printer models.
    • Features to select default print tray and change print tray
    • Print membership cards directly to SkiData from Guest Management account.
    • Improved re-print logic to re-print bad cards
  • Hide Session Slots After Set Period
    • A new configuration for session products on ecommerce where the slots will only show available for sale within a set rolling period of time. For example, this will allow you to only show sessions available within the next 2 weeks. Anything after that set period will show unavailable. 
  • Adjust Next Pay Plan Billing Date
    • Employees can now suspend pay plans for a period by moving the next pay plan billing date to a different date. If you need to give someone a break from their billing cycle, simply move the date and give them extra time. 
  • Pay Plan Payment Failure Alerts
    • Now you can set notification emails for who will be notified when a pay plan payment fails so you can take action.
  • Till Count Calculator When Creating Tills
    • When creating tills, you can enable a till count calculator to help count the beginning balance. This is similar to the calculator in Aluvii when closing a till. 
  • Price Adjustments on Ecommerce
    • This feature adds support for price adjustments to apply to ecommerce products sold online.
  • Price Adjustment for Sessions 
    • This feature adds support for price adjustments to apply to session product dates and times (or date ranges). For example, you can set weekends to have a higher price than weekdays. 
  • Group Will Call Sessions by Site
    • The Will Call sessions screen is grouped by "product" by default. Now you can toggle the view to see your sessions grouped by site. One benefit is when you sell products for adults, children, and seniors into the same session slot, you can see them all grouped together now. 
  • Consume All Tickets in Will Call
    • We added an option in Will Call session screen to Consume All tickets in the transaction at once to speed up the process.
  • Print All Tickets in Will Call
    • We added an option in Will Call session screen to Print All tickets from the transaction at once to speed up the process.
  • Print and Check-In All Tickets in Will Call
    • We added an option in Will Call session screen to Consume All and Print All tickets from the transaction at once to speed up the process.
  • Collect Phone Number For Ecommerce Transactions
    • A new configuration to collect customer phone number at ecommerce checkout. Phone number displays on Will Call for easy lookup.
  • Print Previously-Purchased Tickets from Kiosk
    • A new option was added to the self-service kiosk for customers to print out their tickets. For example, when customers purchase online, they can scan their PDF ticket voucher into the kiosk and print themselves a ticket, lift pass, or wristband. 


  • To speed up ecommerce product creation, we added support to clone ecommerce products.
  • We have added another button in the employee portal header to launch live chat widget.
  • A new checkbox was added to the subschedule settings that will hide the subschedule from being shown online, both event portal for booking schedules and ecommerce for session schedules.
  • For sessions sold on ecommerce, you can set a date range in the settings so the customer only sees specific dates available to select times. This is useful for limited date events, or one-time events.
  • When searching guests on booking module in employee portal, we've extended the search to include both guest name and account name.
  • We added a button in the membership action dropdown in Guest Management to print the membership secondary template. This helps when printing wristbands or tickets for members.
  • We added speed improvements to the Alvarado integration and it now supports advanced time restrictions on memberships.
  • A button was added on waiver settings to adjust the raw html for more advanced layouts.
  • A new permission was added in job titles to make Will Call session screen read-only.
  • Receipt templates were adjusted to show subtotals, and they won't show discount line if the transaction doesn't have any discounts applied.
  • A refresh button was added to Will Call Sessions screen to get the latest records.
  • New field available on accounts to set the "account type". Contact us to have custom account types added.
  • New field available on accounts and guest records for phone extension.
  • When consuming tickets in the booking module, the entitlement will default select if the ticket has only one entitlement. This makes consuming bulk quantities of tickets much faster.
  • Added a new button on schedules to clone a subschedule.
  • Added support for duplicate FAQs across booking assignments.
  • Adjusted field validation on various forms, like product names, to allow more special characters.




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