Allow Employees to Book a Party With or Without Deposit

By using the Bookings module, you will be able to book parties from the employee portal. Sometimes you want to pay a deposit at time of booking, and sometimes you don't. As an employee, there is a way to make it optional. Here's how to do it:

  1. First, go to the Event Management > Packages to check the name of the Price Rule where your deposit is set up that is being used by your party package. Party_Booking_Deposit_1.png

  2. Then, go to the Price Rule tab and edit that price rule. Uncheck the box for Employee Portal under the Required On section and Save it. This means that this price rule will not be applicable in the Bookings module but will still be applicable in the online event portal.Party_Booking_Deposit_2.png

  3. Now when you go to Bookings and book a party, it will show you an option to Save the Booking & Pay Later. Use this option if you want to book the party without the deposit.Party_Booking_Deposit_3.png

  4. If you require a deposit, click on the Pay Full Amount button. A pop-up window will show on the screen which will let you change the amount to charge the customer. You can put the amount equivalent to the deposit you require.Party_Booking_Deposit_4.png

  5. Finally, when you are done with the payment process, the amount will be recorded as paid in the booking just like when they pay for a deposit.Party_Booking_Deposit_5.png

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