Installing Cardknox Program for Credit Card Readers

If you have a credit card reader connected to your computer, then you will need to use a Cardknox application to be able to use it. This application is called "Payment Engine". You'll need to have a Windows operating system to install this. Here's how to download, install, and configure Payment Engine on your Windows computer:

  1. First, download the Cardknox app using this link: Download Cardknox App CK New Link.png

  2. Then, next to the bbpos.exe installer, click on the Arrow Down icon and click on Show in Folder to redirect you to the location on your computer where the application was downloaded.Cardknox_Install_2.png

  3. Now, right-click on the app and choose "Run as Administrator". This will run the app with the administrator's access and make sure you don't run into any permission issues when installing. If you are not logged in as administrator of your computer, it will likely ask you for the admin user and password. Otherwise, a pop-up screen to allow the app installation will show.Cardknox_Install_3.png

  4. On the pop-up screen, it will ask for permission to make changes to your computer. Click on YES to proceed.Cardknox_Install_4.png

  5. There would be a small window that will ask for the software name. Clear out the software name and type in "BBPOS" on the space provided. Click OK to proceed to the next step.Cardknox_Install_5.png

  6. Next, the Cardknox installer interface will show. Click on the Next button to proceed.Cardknox_Install_6.png

  7. The software settings will show and you don't need to adjust these settings except OS Version. You will need to adjust the OS Version if you are running on a 32-bit Windows OS. Click on the Next button to continue.Cardknox_Install_7.png

  8. On the next window, click on the Start button to install the software.Cardknox_Install_8.png

  9. Once it is done, click on the Next button to continue.Cardknox_Install_9.png

  10. Make sure that the Run Browser-Based POS option is checked, and click on the Finish button to continue.Cardknox_Install_10.png

  11. It will ask for a software name again after the installation, clear it out again and type in "BBPOS" and click the OK option.

  12. The next window will ask for your Cardknox key. This data is usually provided to you via email once your Cardknox account application is approved. Copy and paste the key that was provided and click on the OK option. Alternatively, the key is stored in the Administration module of the Aluvii employee portal. Navigate in Aluvii to Administration -> Configuration -> Common Settings -> Payment Gateway to find the key there.

  13. After that, the Options window of the Cardknox software will load. To set up your credit card reader settings, enable the "Enable Device" option and choose what type of card reader is connected to your computer. In this example, the card reader is a Verifone VX805 and it is connected to the computer using a USB/Serial cable and uses COM Port 9. To find which Com Port to use, go to the Windows Control Panel to the Printers & Devices area and find the card reader connected, it will show the Com Port number where it's connected.

  14. Cardknox_Install_13.png

  15. Once you are done, go to the BBPOS tab and click on the Create Task Schedule, and click the OK button after that. This process is for the Cardknox app to launch automatically after the computer restarts. This task usually gets created by default after installation, but doing this step is a second check to make sure it is definitely created. Click on the Save button to finalize the settings.Cardknox_Install_14.png

  16. To avoid any security conflict, you will need to allow the application to pass through the windows firewall. Click on Allow Access button to proceed.Cardknox_Install_15.png

  17. Finally, you will know that the Cardknox Payment Engine application is running when you see a golden chip icon on your taskbar. If you don't see the golden chip icon in the taskbar, there should have been a shortcut installed on the Windows desktop where you can double click and launch the Payment Engine program that way.Cardknox_Install_16.png

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