Aluvii Gateway Service Download and Installation Instructions

NOTE: The Aluvii Hardware Gateway Service works in conjunction with your device drivers. Although you can install the gateway before installing your devices, you'll need to make sure you also have the printers properly installed before the gateway can be tested. There are other help articles to assist with that step depending on the device type. Also note that this is a Windows application and can only be installed on Windows computers. It does not work for any other operating system including Apple or Android.

Here's how to download and install the Aluvii Hardware Gateway Service:

  1. First, open the Hardware Management module and click on Install Files tab. To install the Latest stable release, click the link at the top to download the installer.Aluvii_Installation_1.png

  2. After downloading, the app should show at the bottom of your browser, if using Google Chrome. Click on the arrow icon next to the download and choose Show in Folder.Aluvii_Installation_2.png

  3. A window will pop up and you will be directed to the folder where your installer was saved. Right-click on the installer and choose "Run as Administrator". This will run the app with the administrator's access and make sure you don't run into any permission issues when installing. If you are not logged in as administrator of your computer, it will likely ask you for the admin user and password. Otherwise, a pop-up screen to allow the app installation will show.Aluvii_Installation_3.png

  4. On the pop-up screen, it will ask for permission to make changes to your computer. Click on YES to proceed.Aluvii_Installation_4.png

  5. Then, the Aluvii Client Gateway Installer will show. Click on the Install option to proceed with the installation process.Aluvii_Installation_5.png
  6. On the next screen, check the box on the "I accept the terms in the License Agreement, and click on the Install option.Aluvii_Installation_6.png

  7. After the installation process, a message on the lower-right portion of the screen will slide up to indicate that the process was successful. Click on the Finish option to proceed.Aluvii_Installation_7.png

  8. Next, click on the Close option to exit out of the installer.Aluvii_Installation_8.png
  9. Now it is time to configure the Aluvii Gateway settings. Find the Aluvii icon on your taskbar and right-click on it. Choose the Open Management Portal option.Aluvii_Installation_9.png

  10. The Aluvii Gateway Control Panel will open on your browser. Type in the Tenant Name. NOTE: This can be found in your software URL. For example "" the tenant name on this page is rapidswaterpark. You then type in the email and password you use to login into Aluvii, and click Login to proceed. Aluvii_Installation_10.pngNOTE: If your computer's time settings are not correct, it will not allow you to move past this page.Gateway_Issue_1.png To fix this, make sure you update your computer time settings with your correct timezone. Refresh the page and you should be able to login successfully after that. Gateway_Issue_2.png

  11. You will then be redirected to the register gateway page. Type in the name for your gateway, and click on the Register New Gateway option. The name here is typically correlated to the computer name, like Front Desk 1 or Cafe 2, etc. Aluvii_Installation_11.png

  12. After that, click on the hamburger icon on the top left section of the screen to show the menu, and click on the Devices tab. Assuming that you already installed your printer/drawer driver, it should automatically show up under Connected Devices. If not, click on Refresh Devices so to detect the connected devices in your computer.Aluvii_Installation_12.png NOTE: Click on Make Default on each device to use these as the default devices for this computer. This is important especially if you have more than one printer or drawer connected to your computer.

  13. Then go back to the Aluvii employee portal page and click on your account profile that is currently logged in. Find and click the Refresh Hardware Profile option. You don't have to do this step if you log out and log back into the employee portal. Logging in will also refresh the hardware profile. The hardware device information is stored in the browser cookies to improve responsiveness of the hardware communication, so refreshing the profile will ensure you have the latest device and gateway information stored in the browser. Aluvii_Installation_13.png

  14. To check that your newly registered gateway has been detected by Aluvii. Go back to the Hardware Management and you should see the gateway name you just registered on the list. Click on the gateway name to see if the devices are detected.Aluvii_Installation_14.png

  15. Finally, you should be able to test any of the connected devices on this page, or you can do it by reprinting a receipt and clicking the open drawer icon in Employee Register module.Aluvii_Installation_15.png

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