Payment Card Processing for Canadian Customers Explained

This article explains in moderate depth how card-present charge card payments are taken through Aluvii for Canadian customers and some of the issues that can arise.  

When a cashier takes a charge card payment against a shopping cart, this is the background process that occurs:

  1. Cashier adds individual sellable items to the shopping cart in the register.
  2. Cashier clicks collect in the register, which launches the payment screen.
  3. Cashier clicks credit-sale on the payment screen.
  4. Aluvii pushes information about the order (OrderId, Amount Due, etc.) to Cardknox BBPOS (aka the payment gateway).
  5. Cardknox pushes information about the shopping cart to the EMV payment pin pad device (Verifone, Pax, Ingenico branded device).
  6. Customer inserts card into EMV payment device.
  7. The EMV payment device sends information such as amount due and card information to Elavon (aka the processor).
  8. Elavon processes the card.
  9. Elavon reports back to the EMV payment device that the transaction is approved (or declined) as well as information about the approval (auth number, etc.).
  10. The EMV payment device displays approval messages and prints receipts as necessary. 
  11. The EMV payment device reports payment information back to Cardknox BBPOS.
  12. Cardknox BBPOS reports the payment information to Aluvii and to the Cardknox online portal.
  13. Aluvii records the payment information against the shopping cart information for reporting, receipts, refunds, etc.

Occasionally, there is a communication error in step 11.  The EMV payment device does not report the payment information back to Cardknox BBPOS.  This results in neither the Cardknox online portal nor Aluvii receiving the payment information; therefore, the Aluvii payment screen remains open awaiting a response from Cardknox BBPOS that is not forthcoming.  

The payment needs to be recorded manually in Aluvii by recording a custom tender created for this purpose.  Many name it "Elavon Stand-Alone Payment" or "Offline Tender."  

Cardknox is currently in the process of a direct integration with _______.  When that is complete, numbers XYZ above will be eliminated from the process which will eliminate the reliance on the payment device to communicate information to Cardknox BBPOS.

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