Manage Job Titles and Employee Permissions

Job titles are very useful when managing user permissions and system access, because you can configure a job title with settings and permissions and then assign employees to that job title to inherit the settings and permissions of that job title.  This prevents the need to manage individual employee permissions one by one.  

Be sure to also restrict employees from granting permissions to themselves or others that are greater than the permissions they have themselves.


Creating Job Titles

1. Log in to your Aluvii dashboard and click on HR Management, then click on the Manage Job Title tab.


From here, you can see all of the job titles that have been created previously. These parameters include the Job Title name, the location where the title is utilized, the department for the title, whether it is active or not, as well as whether it has been deleted or not.

2. To create a new Job Title, click on Select Option, and select Add Job Title from the drop-down.


The following screen will appear:


3. Complete the information needed for this section:

  • Job Title: the title of the job (required)
  • Location: the location where the job title will be used (required)
  • Department: the department of the job title 

Everything else on this screen is recommended but optional.

4. Click on Save.

The job title will now be saved and ready to use.


Edit Job Titles

Once a job title has been created, the permissions for the employee need to be created. In addition, should the tasks for the given job title change at any point, this method would be used to create that change.

1. Log in to your Aluvii dashboard and click on HR Management, then click on Manage Job Title.


2. Double-click on the job title you wish to edit. Alternatively, you can highlight the job title by clicking on the title, then clicking on Select Option, followed by Edit Job Title.


3. Click on Login Activities.


4. Select which items you wish the employee to be able to access.

5. Click on Registers.


NOTE: Newly created registers are usually unchecked on the last entry of the list.


6. Select which registers the employee will have access to and click on Done to proceed.


7. Click on Permissions.


8. Select which permissions the employee will have the ability to access.

  • Comp memberships - allow the employee to give memberships to patrons free of charge
  • Process returns (Employee Registers) - process returns on any registers the employee has access to
  • Process returns (Manage Memberships) - process returns on patron memberships
  • Edit arcade cards - edit any arcade cards
  • Deactivate memberships - deactivate patron memberships
  • Add discount - add a discount to all activities or items
  • Will Call sessions is read only - limits the access of Will Call > Sessions to read only
  • View Refunds - allow the employee to access the Returns page. 

9. To put your changes into effect, click on Save Changes.

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