Using Will Calls for Sessions

For guests that have chosen to pick up their tickets at a later stage, you can use this function to keep track of the ticketing.

1. Log in to your Aluvii portal. Click on Will Call in the left-hand menu.


2. Click on Sessions tab.


3. From here, search for your session using the Name or Transaction ID. Alternatively, you can also use the Start and End Date range to find your session. Toggle the view Group Slots by Product or Group Slots by Site. If you are selling different session products ( ex. adults, children, and seniors) into the same session slot, seeing them all grouped together on one site is an easy way to view it.

4. You can also click on the Refresh button to refresh the records if there are any new sessions that were purchased since the last page load and are not showing on the screen. And by clicking on Add button, you can add customers to a session on the fly without a transaction.Will_Call-Sessions-3.1.png 

5. Click on the session record to expand the row to show more details, including each participant.


6. You can click on the Transaction ID to review the full receipt and transaction details. 


7. Clicking on the Waiver checkbox will pop up a window allow you to assign a waiver to the session.


8. If the session requires a waiver, you can attach the guest waiver to the session for verification. You can search for the waiver, and double-click to attach it to the session. Once the waiver has been added, the box will show a green check mark.Will_Call-Sessions-3.png

9. To check the guest into the session, click on the Checked In box. Guests that have already been checked in will show a green check mark.Will_Call-Sessions-5.1.png

10. To validate any tickets assigned to the sessoin, you can click on the button Action.


11. Select the function you wish to perform.

  • Print Secondary Template: print out the ticket in the secondary template assigned. This is useful if you the customer got an online ticket, but still requires a wristbands or lift pass.
  • Reprint Item: print the ticket in the ticket's original format
  • Consume Item: this validates the ticket and marks it as used. Consumed tickets cannot be reversed
  • Consume All: mark all the tickets in the transaction as consumed. 
  • Print All: Prints all the tickets under the same transaction.
  • Prints & Check-in All: Prints all the ticket and checks in all guests under the same transaction.

12. Click on the Edit button so you can edit the session settings for a particular booked session(s). Will_Call-Sessions-7.png

  • You can click on the Calendar icon and Times to change the date or time slot for the current booking.
  • You can click the Select Product drop-down menu to change the session product.
  • You can change the name of the Participant.
  • Click on Save Changes to proceed.
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