Enabling Gift Card as Payment Option on eCommerce

Aluvii has a built-in Gift Card system to sell and manage gift cards. Gift cards can be used by your customers to pay for transactions both in the employee portal and on the online store portal. This article shows how to enable this payment method in the online store portal.

  1. We assume that you already know how Aluvii's gift card system works and how to manage it. If not, click here to learn more about Gift Cards.

  2. To begin, go to eCommerce > Website settings and find the checkbox to Allow Gift Card Payments and check the box, then click on Save to proceed.eCommerce_Gift_Card_Payment_1.png

  3. Now that the option is enabled, you can test that it's properly working by doing a sample sale on the webstore portal. Add a product to the shopping cart and proceed to checkout. eCommerce_Gift_Card_Payment_3.png

  4. At the payment process, a pop-up window with payment options will appear on the screen. The default payment method will be credit card. Click on the Gift Card tab along the top, enter the Gift Card Barcode, and click on Submit button to submit the payment.eCommerce_Gift_Card_Payment_4.png

  5. Once completed, the sales detail will show how much was used from the gift card and the amount remaining on the card.eCommerce_Gift_Card_Payment_5.png

  6. When a gift card is used for payment, it will decrement that amount from the remaining balance. 

Keep in mind that partial payments are not supported yet with gift cards online. If the customer doesn't have enough balance to cover the full payment amount, they'll have to pay the full amount with credit card.



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