Configuring Alvarado Device


The configuration process consists of 2 sides: Server & Client.

Both sides require a set up per device.  i.e. In the case of setting up a single device for a single access point, you are required to set up the device on the server and in the settings in the Pocket Gate App on the Alvarado Scanner.

Server Configuration


  1. Make sure you have set up the location, site, and entrance entitlement for this access point.
  2. Know what access point this device will be scanning for.
  3. The employee account you are using to perform the configuration must have access to the Arcade Management Login Activity.


  1. After logging in to the employee portal, go to the Integrations Module.  
  2. Click on Alvarado.
  3. Make sure there is no device configuration already set up for the access point (If one exists you may edit the configuration).
  4. Click Add Device
  5. Set the Device name
  6. Select the Entrance Entitlement this device will be scanning for
  7. Assign the device to an employee


  8. Click submit to save the configuration.  NOTE: the grid doesn’t automatically update on additions, so click the refresh button in the right corner of the grid to update the records.

Client Configuration


  1. Have Pocket Gate Direct Connect installed on the Alvarado unit
  2. Set up the device’s WIFI connection


  1. Open the Pocket Gate Direct Connect app on the Alvarado unit.  The banner should be purple for this app.
  2. Go to the device settings
  3. Change the following settings:
    1. Server URI: https://[[tenant]]
      1. NOTE: make sure you spell everything correctly here exactly as seen above
    2. Site Name: [[tenant]]
      1. NOTE: this is the tenant you wish to use
    3. Device Number: This number isn’t currently used.  But match this number to the entrance entitlement being set up.  
    4. Server response timeout: 15000
      1. NOTE: if your internet connections are slow increase this value.  This is the timeout in milliseconds so 15000 ms = 15 seconds
    5. Minimum ticket length: 10
      1. NOTE: This allows the offline scan functionality to scan Membership cards which are 10 characters long.
    6. Maximum ticket length: 13
      1. NOTE: This allows the offline scan functionality to scan Tickets which are 13 characters long.
  4. Back out of the settings and wait 30 seconds.  If you filled in the settings properly the device should say Online “Error:Login code required”.  This is good it means you are connecting properly.  Now go back to the Device Setup page and click on “Advanced Setup”.  Enable the “Require operators to log in” setting.
  5. Exit the device settings and the application.  Note to exit the application you need to enter the password: “alvarado”
  6. Restart the application to reveal a new screen showing a pin pad to login.  At this point it is crucial that you have set up a device configuration in the employee portal.  Login with the number corresponding to the entrance entitlement Id.Alvarado_Config_2.png
  7. If you have properly configured your device configuration you should be logged into the app and the device label should say the entrance entitlement, so in this case the Device says “Admission”.  If you can’t login at this point you have entered in some settings inappropriately and now you are locked out.  Clear the app’s data by going to the Android Home > Settings > Apps > Pocket Gate Direct Connect > Hit the clear data button, this will reset the app allowing you to login and reconfigure. Repeat starting from step 1.
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