Release 3.2

Release #:  3.2

Release Date:  6/28/2022

This release includes new features, bug fixes, and performance improvements. Keep reading to learn more about this release.  


What's New?

  • Set Quantity Limits Per Transaction on Ecommerce
    • This allows you to limit how many products your customers can buy in a single transaction online by setting the per transaction limit on ecommerce products.
  • Allow customers to cancel/refund sessions online
    • When customers reserve a session, they can view it from their online guest login. They have the ability to change the date and time of the session, and the participant name. This adds an additional configuration to allow customers cancel sessions, and get a refund if cancelled within a configurable time period.
  • Credit Card Hacking Prevention
    • The industry is seeing an increase in fraudulent credit card hacking. We have added more safeguards to the payment processing services to further combat fraudulent activity. 
  • Upgrades to Report Viewer
    • We use a report viewer to build and display reports in the reporting module. We updated to the latest version in anticipation of adding future features. You'll see some styling changes to the report header area and some improved speed on some reports.
  • Import Membership Data
    • In a previous version, we released the ability to import guest data in bulk. You can now import membership packages data for those guests to bulk import memberships and season passes.
  • Require Guest Login Online
    • A new configuration on ecommerce product settings to require guests to login to an account when purchasing online.


  • Allow bookings module to accept payment amounts for more than the balance due.
  • A new configuration on the invoice settings to show the guest account name on the invoice.
  • Updates to the styling on the booking invoice layout.
  • We optimized some queries to improve speed on Waivers, session modal window, Rental Orders, Inventory Management, and Will Call. 
  • In the Booking Data tab in the booking module, we made the notes field taller to see more notes at a time.
  • Added a "consume all" button to the Will Call tickets tab. 
  • Changed the Will Call tickets grid sorting to show most recent records at the top.
  • Improvements to our 3D Secure payment processing form to show the field clearer and require country to support Canadian clients who want to add 3D Secure. 
  • A new configuration to show the customer's address on bookings invoices.
  • Added a new configuration to hide the booking end time from the customer.



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