Tip Percentage Buttons on Credit Card Reader

There is a way to prompt tip percentage buttons on your card reader using the Cardknox payment gateway. You will need to have the Payment Engine program from Cardknox installed on the comptuter. This article assumes you already have it installed. Here's how to set up the tip buttons:

  1. First, find the Payment Engine icon in your Windows system app tray. Then Launch the Options menu by right clicking on the Payment Engine icon. Once the Options window pops, click the Advanced button at the bottom left of the Cardknox option screen.

  2. Scroll down and find the "EnableTipPrompt" option. Set the value to TRUE.

  3. After that, scroll all the way to the bottom and find "TipPromptOption". In the Value section, you can set your own percentage according to your tip policy. The values needs to be separated by a comma. Use whole numbers from 1 - 100. Those translate into a percentage once it shows on the device, the letter C translates into Custom Amount button, and the number zero (0) is for no tip button.

    In the example screenshot below, the value is set to "15,20,C,0" which translates into 15%, 20%, custom amount, and zero tip. You can only add up to 4 buttons. if you want 3 percentages to show, then you have to remove either the C or the 0.

  4. Once you are done setting the tip options, click the Save button on the options screen.

  5. To test, mock a credit-sale transaction on your Aluvii's Employees Register and it should show a pop-up screen that says "Waiting for Tip". The first time you try it after configuring the settings, the device may initialize first.

  6. Finally, the options you set on the Cardknox app will show on the credit card reader as shown in the image below. NOTE: You may be wondering where this tip goes in the Aluvii system. The tip will be automatically assigned to the employee account signed in and did the transaction.

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