Release 3.3

Release #:  3.3

Release Date:  1/20/2023

This release includes new features, bug fixes, and performance improvements. Keep reading to learn more about this release.  


What's New?

  • Reload SkiData Tickets With New Permissions 
    • When using our SkiData integration, customers who have a physical RFID ticket can reload that same card with new permissions from the webstore online. Employee can also reload at the employee register.
  • Print Pre-Purchased Tickets from the Self-Service Kiosk
    • When customers buy tickets online, they receive a ticket in their email. When they arrive, they can scan the online ticket barcode at the kiosk and it will generate a physical ticket or wristband.
  • Sell Session Products in a Product Group on Employee Register
    • We already allowed session products to be inside a product group and sold online. We added support for this also on the employee register.
  • Restrict Unauthorized Access to Employee Register Returns Screen
    • You may not want employees to view all transactions or process returns. This feature adds a new permission on the job title to restrict employees from viewing the returns screen without a manager override PIN.
  • Show Custom Notes on Bookings Invoice 
    • This feature allows to add custom notes or messages for each booking invoice. When you view a booking, you can add custom notes from inside the manage booking screen that will show on that booking's invoice.
  • Print Inventory Labels
    • This feature allows you bulk print custom inventory labels to stick on your retail products. Create and use custom templates to display product name, barcode, description, and/or price. 


  • We improved the speed of the rental order grids so rental orders load much faster.
  • We added a configuration to the invoice template settings to show the customer "account name" on booking invoices
  • We improved the speed of the inventory management screen to load products much faster.
  • We improved the speed of the booking schedules so when you click a date, it displays available slots faster.
  • We improved the speed of the signed waiver grid so that it loads faster.
  • We added a "consume all" tickets button to Will Call module to more quickly scan all tickets for the transaction with a single button click.
  • There's a new configuration to prevent customers from seeing the end time on bookings. When this is enabled, they will only see start times, even on receipts and invoices.
  • We added more support for Google ReCaptcha on the webstore portal to better catch bots and better prevent credit card hacking.
  • We added more robust rules to our credit card hack detection system that was released in 3.2. This is to further catch and prevent credit card hackers.

Additional Work From This Release Cycle

Our developers have been really busy since our last 3.2 release on some exciting projects. Some of that work will be part of a future release. But this was work that has been ongoing during this release cycle. Here are a couple of those things to keep you updated:

  • Sales Tax Engine (coming soon)
    • There are many places in the software where sales tax is calculated. There are some inconsistencies for how that is calculated or rounded and can cause financial reports to not balance exactly. This new sales tax engine is part of our backend logic and will result in taxes calculating faster, it'll provide more options for how to calculate tax, it'll provide consistency everywhere sales taxes are calculated, and it will prevent report imbalances due to inconsistent rounding.
  • Cashless Arcade Module (coming soon)
    • We've been working hard on a new cashless RFID device for arcades, as well as the accompanying software to power it. You can read more about this new module coming soon here.
  • Data Warehouse for Reporting (coming soon)
    • Currently reports are generated off the live database tables. This can cause reports to load slowly, and it can cause significant strain on the database servers which affects performance of other modules. We've created a new data warehoue from which the reports will load and that will speed up reports significantly, and will lighten the load on the servers allow more resources to be used for other modules. 
  • Automated Releases
    • We've spent a lot of time cleaning up and automating our code release automations. This will allow us to release bug fixes and new features quicker, more frequently, and with more confidence. 
  • Infrastructure for Growth
    • We have ambitious goals to deliver the best amusement park software on the market. We've already built an impressive all-in-one software to deliver value to our existing clients. But we have a lot more we want to do to improve and reach our goals. We're focusing a lot of our development efforts to convert our software systems into microservices and API-driven infrastructure. We have a multi-year plan of attack, but along the way you should see incremental improvements to the system as we finish milestones and release them to you.




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