Allowing Customers to Edit/Cancel/Refund Sessions Online

This feature allows your customers to edit, cancel, or Refund their own booked sessions using the online portals. First, you'll need to enable the feature to allow customers to do this. Once it's enabled, customers can login to their online profile and make the edits to their session. Here's how it works:

How to Enable the Feature:

  1. First, go to Guest Management Portal, then Configure Tab, and Configure sub-tab.Enable_Guest_to_Modify_Session_and_Refund_1.png

  2. Enable the "Allow Guest to Modify Sessions" option if you wish your customers to be able to edit their purchased sessions.
  3. Also, you can enable the "Issue refund upon cancellation, but no refund if within X hours of session" if you wish your customer can cancel and refund their purchased session within the number of hours you set before the session starts. Keep in mind, the X hours setting only applies for the refund. With this enabled, customers can cancel their session all the way up to the session time, but it may or may not give a refund depending if they are within X hours of the session.
  4. Lastly, don't forget to click Save to apply the new settings.

How Customers Can Edit or Cancel Sessions Online:

  1. After a customer purchases a session, they can make changes or cancellations to the session online. To get access to their purchased sessions, customers will need to log into the eCommerce Portal using their guest email and password. Click here to learn more about the eCommerce Store Portal.

  2. Then, the customer can navigate to their profile by clicking their name at the top right of the screen, and choosing the Transactions and Receipts option.

  3. Here they'll see a page where they can see their recent purchases. Click on View Receipt to view the details of the transaction.

  4. To edit the session, click on the Edit Session button. This will open a popup window. On the popup, click the Edit button to the right side of the session to be edited.

  5. A window will prompt where they can select another date, time slot, or change the name of the participant of that session. Click on the Save Changes button to proceed with the changes.

  6. Customers can otherwise cancel the session and get a refund. To do that, they can click the Edit Sessions button, check the box to choose which session(s) to cancel, and click on the Cancel Session(s) button.

  7. Next, click on the Confirm Cancellations button to confirm the process.

  8. Finally, you will see that the session is successfully canceled and refunded for it will show on the status next to the session.

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