Creating/Editing Ticket Groups

Ticket groups are for generating large quantities of tickets into a group. For example, if a group of 100 wants to come do a party at the waterpark, you can create a ticket group for that group of 100 where you can bulk print the whole group, add tickets to the group later, print unprinted tickets, print unused tickets, show all tickets and the status and barcode, etc.  

In the Ticketing activity, tickets are printed without charging the customer or group.

To learn about more ticket group options, click here.

Creating/Editing Ticket Groups

1. To add a ticket group, select Add Ticket Group on the Ticket Groups tab in the Ticketing module.  Editing Ticket groups is similar to adding ticket groups.  To edit, click on the ticket group to highlight it and then select Edit Ticket Group.


2. Fill in the following fields and then click Save.

  • Ticket Group Name
  • Value Per Ticket
  • Vendor / Supplier Name
  • Assign Product - Select from a drop-down menu of options.
  • Ticket Type - Select from a drop-down menu of options.
  • Number of Tickets to Create
  • Employee Responsible
  • Description


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