Ticket Group Options

There are several Ticket Group Options as shown in the picture below.  For all of the ticket options besides Add Ticket Group, highlight the ticket group by clicking on the row and then selecting the ticket group option.



Add/Edit Ticket Group 

Click here to read about adding/editing ticket groups.


Add Tickets to Group

Select the ticket group and then Add Tickets to Group.  Type in the quantity or use the arrows to modify the quantity and then click Save.



Set Expiration Date for Group Tickets

Select the ticket group and then Set Expiration Date for Group TicketsSelect the expiration date and then click Save.



Print Ticket Group/Print Unprinted Tickets/Print Unused Tickets

You can print all the tickets in the group, just the unprinted tickets, or the unused tickets.


Show Group Tickets

To view the details of the ticket group, highlight the group and then select Show Group Tickets.Ticket_Group_Option_4.png


Toggle Active/Deleted

This is an option on most grids in Aluvii.  Select the ticket group and then Toggle Deleted to delete the group.  If you want to mark the ticket group as active, check the box to Show Deleted Records, select the ticket group and then select Toggle Active. Click here to learn more about the toggle Active/Deleted function.


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