Tracking Product Ingredients

Using Aluvii's Inventory Management module, you can track ingredients from a product group. For example, if you sell a hamburger, the burger patty, the bun, the pickles, the tomato, etc, can each be tracked individually. To do this, each ingredient needs to be setup as its own product. Make sure that each product to be tracked has the inventory check box selected. To learn about creating products, click here

Once you have created a product for each ingredient, you can group them all together into a product group. To do this, add a new product group from Register Management and Products tab. This form is mostly the same as the product form except at the bottom you can add multiple products into the group. You can adjust the quantity for each product. Back to the hamburger example, you would name the product group "Hamburger" and then add the patty, the bun, the pickles, and the tomato. If this was a double hamburger you would mark the patty product as quantity 2.

Once complete, you can add this product group to any register just like any other product. And when this product group is sold the ingredients inside the product group will be tracked individually in Inventory Management. 


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