Creating/Editing Products

A product is an item or service for sale. 

1. In the Register Management Activity, select Add Product under the Products tab. Editing a product is the same as adding a product.


2. You can track a lot of details about products; however, only the fields with green font are required. The required fields are:

  • Product Name (Parentheses are not allowed and a hyphen is supported and recommended as a replacement)
  • Product Description
  • Unit per Issue (How many are sold with 1 click of the button.  The unit per issue is usually 1.  An example of when the unit per issue is not 1 is a two-pack of T-shirts.  The unit per issue in that case is 2.
  • Unit Cost - This is the cost to purchase or make this product.
  • Unit Price - This is the price the product will be sold for.
  • Category - The category is a grouping of products on the register display and reports.
  • Tax Option - Select a tax option for each location the product will be available for sale.
  • Sellable - Mark as true.  If you don't, the product will not show up on the register for sale. This field is located at the bottom of the form near sales tax options.

Optional fields:

  • Inventoried - Check this box if you want this product to be tracked in inventory.
  • Preparation Time (in minutes) - If this product is assigned to print to a kitchen register, the order will turn yellow and then red if you take too long to prepare the product.
  • Ticketing Item - Check this box if you want a ticket to print when this product is sold.  ex. Admission ticket. Tickets can be set to auto consume at time of purchase. You can also enable the ticket to still print with auto consume or not print. 
  • Product BarCode(SKU) - a barcode on the product  ex. Pre-packaged food such as water bottles
  • Undefined Price - Check this box if you want to give the cashier the ability to type in the price at time of sale.
  • Universal Pricing - Check this to keep the price the same at all locations where the product is available for sale.
  • Arcade Product Item - Click here for more info about creating arcade products.
  • Price Adjustment Options - Click here to read about price adjustment options.
  • Sales start date and end date - The start and end dates of when this product is available for sale.
  • Company BarCode(SKU) - A barcode that can be added for the product.  If the product has both a product and company barcode, both can be scanned for the product.
  • Supplier
  • Manufacturer
  • Category - Select a category from the list.  This is why it is helpful to create the categories before the products.
  • Product - You can upload an image that will display on the register with the product name.


This screen will pop up when you click to select a category.


Pricing - this determines the pricing information for the item


Ticket - determine whether this product is ticketed item


Inventory - fill in the inventory information


Tax options - For each location where the product is available for sale, select the tax option and click the box to indicate sellable.  Click Save.


Other - use this section to create session products. To learn about session products, click here.



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