Managing Holds for Events

There are a few ways to make booking slots unavailable for booking. One option is to block schedules using the exclude option in schedule settings. We'll show you another way here, which is putting a "hold" on the site. Here's how to do it:

  1. In the example below, let's say you have a 2-hour party package that uses "Party Room 1" and "Party Room 2" and you want to put on hold the 9:00 am time slot for Party Room 1 on January 20.

  2. Before we begin the process, make sure you know the Site Name that your Event Assignment is using. If not,  see our article about Assignments.

  3. Now, go to the Bookings module, click on the ( + ) icon, and choose the Manage Holds option.

  4. Set the following details according to your needs:

    • Hold Date - the date of the slot that you want to hold
    • Beginning Time - the start time of the hold range.
    • End Time - the end time of the hold range.
    • Location - the location that the event uses.
    • Site - the site name that your event uses, and the site that you want to block/hold.
    • Notes - notes or comments to remind yourself and others the purpose of the hold.
    • Expire Date - the date that this hold will expire. 
    • Expire Time - the time for the Expire Date.
    • Add Hold - Saves the setting.
      In this example, the hold date is set to 1/20/2023 since that is the date you want to apply the hold option. The beginning time is set to 9:00 am since you wanted to put that time slot on hold. The end time is set to 11:00 am since the party has a 2-hour duration. The location and the site name will determine which party room you wanted to put on hold and in this case Party Room 1. The expire date should be set to the same date as the hold date (or to a much later date), as well as the end time.
    • Note: Setting the expire date to an early date will release the hold option on that date. That means, that the time slot will be no longer on hold on that date. An example is if a customer wants you to hold a room for a future date, but you will only honor the hold for 24 hours, you can use the expiry date to do this. in this example, the hold will release after the 24 hour expiry date/time.
  5. Once saved, you can go back to the Bookings > Manage Holds option if you wanted to change the details of the hold. Click on one of the entries under the Current Holds list, and it will automatically populate the settings of that hold on the right side of the page. You can either click the Update Hold option if you have made some changes or you can click Remove Hold to remove that hold entry entirely. Otherwise, click Cancel to go back to the Bookings page.

  6. Finally, to check that the hold option works, check the site on the date and time of the hold and you should see the timeslot on that date is showing HOLD on the timeslot.

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