Merging Accounts

There are a few reasons why you may want to merge accounts.

  • To reverse splitting accounts.
  • Family members may be in separate accounts if they purchased their membership packages at a different time than their family members.  They may want to be on the same account to share account perks.
  • To clean up duplicate accounts and guests.  In order to merge guests, you'll need to first merge accounts.
  • To merge two families after a marriage in order to share account perks.

1. In Manage Memberships, search for two accounts. Type in two criteria separated by a comma and click search.

2. Click the checkbox next to each account.  Select Merge Accounts from the Account Options Menu.

3. Select the information you want to keep from each account.

4. Select the Account Owner from the list of guests on the account and type in an account password. Click on Merge Accounts. Note: A new password is required to access the guest portal. 

5. The accounts are now merged. Note: After merging an account, you may need to additionally merge any duplicate guests. Click here to learn about merging guests. 


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