Employee Permissions (One-Off)

Note:  Although some permissions for employees can be managed as described in this article, it is recommended that you use job titles to manage permissions, because you can configure permissions for a job title and then assign employees to that job title and inherit the permissions for that job title.  That prevents needing to make one-off changes to individual employees.

1. Select an employee in the Human Resources activity by double clicking on the row with the employee or clicking on the row and then selecting Edit Employee from the Employee Options drop down.  Select Add Login Activity.


2. Select the Login Activity.  There are activities and registers.  Employees will need to have the Employee Registers Activity in addition to the specific registers to be able to login to any register. 

3. Login activities can be removed or added at any time.  After creating a new register, you will need to add the register as a login activity to each employee that needs access to that register.


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