Using Sessions

When using sessions from the employee register, they will behave a little bit differently than physical items. This article teaches you how your employees can use the sessions in their registers. To learn how to set up a session product, click here.

1. Log in to your Aluvii portal, and click on Employee Registers from the left menu.



2. Open a register that contains the session product.


You can identify a session product from the green menu bar in the product image.

3. To start processing the session, click on the product just like you would a regular physical product.


4. Select the time of the session that the guest desires, then the number of participants.


5. If you have required your participants to have names in the workflow, there are two ways to fill these fields. If they have not completed a waiver, you can fill in the names of participants manually. If they have already filled out a waiver, click on the Waivers tab.


6. Search for the guest's waiver. Once you have found it, highlight the waiver by clicking on it, then click the Waiver circle.


A successful waiver capture will show a green checkmark.

7. If you have required the session to have waivers, you will not be able to continue until the waivers have been attached. Once this is complete, click on Finished. This will add the session to the cart. Because a session is not a physical product, Aluvii will reserve the time slots for a certain amount of time to complete the transaction, which will make the reservation permanent. The time left will appear in the cart.


8. You can now complete the payment process as detailed in this article.

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