Till Count Worksheet

The till count worksheet was designed as a worksheet to assist cashiers in counting out their tills at the end of their shift.    

There is a start date, end date, and location parameter.  When values have been entered in those three fields, employees that had tills assigned to them that had transactions during the date range of the report at the designated location(s) will populate in the employee parameter drop down.  Once an employee is selected, TillIds associated with that employee during the date range and location will be available for selection from the Till parameter drop down.  

A possible use-case is as follows: a cashier ends their shift.  The cash control manager prints out the cashier's till count worksheet and hands it to the cashier.  The cashier uses the blank table titled "Actual Count" to count the quantity of each denomination in their till and then multiplies the quantity by the value of the denomination to arrive at a total actual cash and coin amount. 

The difference between expected cash and coin and actual cash and coin count is the amount the till is over or under.  The cashier signs the till count worksheet and submits it to the cash control manager.  The cash control manager then performs a second actual count, notes any discrepancies, and signs the till count worksheet. 

The cash control manager then enters the actual amount of cash and coin as part of the the till close out process.

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