Supervisor Override

Permissions are managed via employee job titles.  Occasionally, employees with lower permissions will need to perform a restricted action; as a manager or supervisor, you can allow them to proceed with the restricted action by providing an override PIN. 

Configure Supervisor Override

1.  Be sure that the job title you are assigned to as a manager or supervisor has the permissions you want to approve enabled.


2. Likewise, confirm that the permissions you want to restrict are disabled for the job titles assigned employees that you do not want performing these permissions.  Of course, the supervisor override prompt will not appear for permissions the employees have checked.


3.  Set an override pin for the employees that belong to the job titles that have the elevated permissions.


Perform Overrides

1.  When a cashier attempts to perform an action that he or she does not have the permissions to perform, an Access Denied modal will appear.  An employee who belongs to a job title that has the elevated permission can enter his or her PIN, and the cashier can proceed with that restricted function.


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