Issuing Store Credit in Lieu of Refund

You may wish to issue store credit in lieu of a refund.  This article explains how.  Because unused event deposits are the most common use-case for this scenario, we will be using bookings as the example, but the concept would be the same for any item sold through Aluvii.

  1. Locate the booking in the Bookings activityBooking_Page.png
  2. Click on the payment tab to confirm the amount that needs to be issued in store credit.  Then, cancel the booking using the gear icon.Cancel_Booking.png
  3. Because payments have been made against the booking, a message will pop up to remind you that the payment has not been refunded.  Click yes to cancel the booking.Confirm_Cancel_Booking.png
  4. Launch the Guest Management activity and look for the guest's account. A guest account is created automatically as part of booking an event, but if you are refunding another item in Aluvii that does not require an account, you can create on for the customer.Guest_Management_Lookup.png
  5. Click the Stored Value on the account and add the appropriate amount as store credit and click on Add to Cart.Stored_Value.png
  6. On the Checkout page, click on Comp All, to issue the stored value without collecting a payment. Click on the Payment button.Comp_All.png
  7. A payment confirmation page will pop up. Click on the Yes button to complete the process.Confirm_Stored_Value_Payment.png
  8. To confirm the Stored Value has been added, you must refresh the Guest Management page and check the account again.  If you do not refresh, the amount will not appear, and you may mistakenly add more stored value.Updated_Stored_Value.png

Now, that you have the Stored Value on the customer's account, it can be used to pay for anything sold in Aluvii.  Because issuing a gift card with store credit is common, an example follows:

  1. Ring up the gift card like you normally would with the appropriate amount to add to the gift card.Sell_Gift_Card.png
  2. On the payment page, choose Stored Value as the payment method.Pay_using_Stored_Value.png
  3. Search for the guest account that has stored value on the search box provided. Click on Use Value to proceed.Stored_Value_Lookup.png
  4. Click on Complete Payment to finalize the payment process.Stored_Value_Payment_Complete.png
  5. To confirm that the Stored Value was indeed used, you can go to Guest Management again and check the Stored Value.After_Stored_Value_Usage.png


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