Troubleshooting Discounts

You may have set up a discount to work with the employee's register products, eCommerce products, or event bookings using our article on how to create discounts, but sometimes you wonder why it doesn't work. Here's a list of common issues why your discounts don't work:


I have created a discount months ago, why doesn't my discount work anymore?

  1. First, you need to check if you have a valid discount code. Sometimes the discount code you are using was not generated at all.Discount-Code-1.png
  2. Then, you need to check if the product you want to be discounted is added to the Discount Rules.Discount-Code-3.png
  3. If the Discount Rules are configured to discount by category, make sure that the product you want to be discounted is tied to that category. Discount-Code-4.png
  4. Finally, make sure that the Discount Package is not expired.Discount-Code-5.png


Why does my product only work on one (1) product in the cart?

This is a common mistake when setting up the Discount Package where the "Uses Allowed Per Transaction" setting is set to "1". This field is the quantity of products in the transaction that the discount should apply to. Setting it to one means it only works on one product in your cart. If you wanted your discount to work on all products in the cart, and you have a maximum of 20 products sold per transaction, then you need to set it to 20. To be safe, you could set it to a high number, like 100, to account for transactions with large amounts of products.


Note: Some products in your cart may not be added to the Discount Rules, so if your discount doesn't work on those products, read the first part of this article. 



Why does my discount code stack up with other discount codes?

There are cases when someone might have two discount codes and use them both on a transaction, and both codes are successfully applied to the transaction. There are ways to restrict the codes to ensure only one discount code will work on a transaction. One way is to enable the "exclusive" option in the Discount Rules setting. When enabling this option, if there are other discount packages sharing this same discount rule, it will only allow the rule to be applied once.


Another way restrict discounts from being applied more than once is to limit the uses allowed per package on the discount package. For example, if you wanted to use this discount for one particular customer only and after it's used once, it can't be used again by anyone else. What you can do is set the "Total uses Allowed" option in the Discount Package setting to "1'. when this is set to 1, it will not allow this discount package to be used overall more than once.


Another way to restrict customers from getting more discount than they should is to restrict the use of multiple discount codes per transaction within the same discount package. When configuring the discount code, there is a column for "restrict" which can be marked true. Setting this to true will prevent someone from using another discount code from the discount package on the same transaction.



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