Troubleshooting Slow Response when using Aluvii

There are 3 main areas that can cause Aluvii to run slow--the internet speed, the computer processing power, and the internet browser. When experiencing slowness, check these 3 areas. Here's how to do it:

1.  First, make sure that you have a stable internet connection. To check for any data losses, search and launch the Command Prompt program on your Windows computer and do a ping test. If you are seeing data losses on the ping result, your local connection is not stable and it needs to be checked by your Network Administrator.


2.  Next, you might have 0 data losses but your internet speed might not be sufficient. Launch your Google Chrome browser, go to, and type in "speed test" in the search bar. If you are not getting enough speed, you need to report the issue to your internet provider. The download speed should be greater than 10Mbps.Slow-response-2.png

3.  Then, let's check your computer resources. Search and launch the Task Manager program in your Windows computer, If you are seeing high usage in your CPU, Memory, or Disk, you need to restart your computer or kill the program running the high usage or memory.


4.  Now if after the restart you are still seeing these spikes, you may need to check the background processes during the start-up of your windows computer. Search and launch the Task Manager program, and check the Startup tab. Disable the unnecessary apps upon startup and restart again the computer. If this still persists, you may consider upgrading the memory or processor of your computer.


5.  After that, you can check the browser you are using. One of the system requirements of Aluvii is to use Google Chrome in the employee portal. Make sure you don't overload this app by opening multiple tabs that could not be handled by your computer's resources. You need to close unnecessary tabs if you have limited memory on your computer.

6.  Another way to offload your Google Chrome app is to clear the cache and browsing history. Sometimes the stored data in Chrome can cause it to lag. Type in "chrome://history" in your Google Chrome browser and click the Clear Browsing Data option. Make sure to clear it "all time" to get everything. 


7. Also, clear out unwanted extensions in your Google Chrome app. These are small software programs within the Google Chrome app that are also stored. Type in "chrome://extensions" in your Google Chrome browser and remove the unwanted apps on the list of extensions.


8. Finally, make sure that your Google Chrome is up to date. To do that, type in "chrome://settings/help" in your Google Chrome browser and update if the latest version is available.


9. There are have been reports that some business owners have their employees use the same login when using Aluvii. This causes problems in the system because this single user creates multiple instances at the same time. As a result, they experience slow responses when using Aluvii. We recommend that you create individual users for each of your employees and have them log in individually when using Aluvii.Slow-response-9.png


Once you have checked these factors on your end, and you still experience a slow response when using Aluvii, contact Aluvii Support for further assistance.


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