Split Payment in Event Bookings

You may have learned to do Split Payment in the Employees Register, but it is done slightly different in the Bookings module. Here's how to do it:

  1. It's important to note that if the event requires a deposit, you cannot split that amount and do separate payments. That amount is usually paid by your customer when doing an online booking or you take that payment for them in the Bookings module on the employee portal. Booking_Split_Payment_1.png
  2. Now, you can do split payments on the remaining amount of the event booking (after the deposit is paid). Click on the Pay Full Amount button in the Finalize tab in bookings and you will see the Payment Amount popup.Booking_Split_Payment_2.png
  3. Next, change the value of that amount to be the amount you want to pay with the tender type and click the Pay button to proceed to the payment screen.Booking_Split_Payment_3.pngBooking_Split_Payment_4.png
  4. After the first payment is done with the first tender type, go back to Finalize section and click the Full Pay Amount option again. It will give you the remaining amount due for the booking. Click the Pay button to proceed with the second payment with the second payment type.Booking_Split_Payment_5.png
    Note: In the Bookings module, you can use any method of payment just like in the Employees Register. So the customer can payit using Cash, Card, Gift Card, Stored Value, or other customized tenders such as Check.Booking_Split_Payment_6.png
  5. Finally, once you have completed all the payments, it should show on the Payment section of the booking.Booking_Split_Payment_7.png
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