Enable Shipping on eCommerce Products

To read more about selling products on the ecommerce module, click here. The webstore is well-known for its ability to sell tickets, sessions, and memberships, but it can also sell physical products that can be shipped to your customers. Here's how to set it up and how it should be managed:


  1. Let's begin by editing the product settings on your eCommerce page.Shipping_eCommerce_1.png
  2. Then, be sure to enable the Physical Product option and Enable Shipping option on the product settings. Click Save when you are done editing the product settings.Shipping_eCommerce_2.png
  3. When your customer purchase this product in your webstore, they will be asked for their shipping address before the payment process. It only shows this if it detects that any product in the cart has shipping enabled. Shipping_eCommerce_3.png
  4. Next, the customer's shipping details should appear on the eCommerce > Online Orders page in the Employee Portal. This is where you manage all your shipping orders made by your customers. If you wish to add a shipping fee to these products, check out our article on how to add fees to eCommerce products.Shipping_eCommerce_4.png
  5. Finally, you can update the status of the order on this page. For instance, if you already shipped the item, you can update the status of the order to "shipped".Shipping_eCommerce_5.png
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