Adding Products to E-commerce

Before adding products to E-commerce, you will need to add the products in Register Management, add categories to E-commerce, and set up voucher and ticket designs if you will be using those.

1. Select the Products sub tab on the Products tab in the E-commerce activity.  Select Add Product.


2. Fill in the information in the form shown below and click Save.

  • Product Name - This name can be the same or different than the name of the corresponding product in Register Management.
  • Select Product Type - Select Product, ProductGroup, or Membership.
  • Select Product - Select a product to tie this E-commerce product to.  
  • Website - Select which web store/website.
  • Category - Select a web category.
  • Price 
  • Sale Price - optional but this is an easy way to put the product on sale.
  • On Sale - Check this box if you want the sale price to override the price.
  • Out of Stock - Check this box if you want the product to show as Out of Stock and be unavailable for sale.
  • Physical Product - If you are selling a physical product or a membership, check this box.  When this box is checked, no voucher or ticket is emailed to the customer.
  • Send User to Description - Check this box if you want to change the add to cart button to view that will redirect customers to the product description before they can add to cart.
  • Digital Product Type - Select Voucher or Ticket.  This field disappears when the Physical Product box is checked.
  • Add Cross Sell Products: When this product is added to cart on the ecommerce store, it can prompt the user before checkout to add more similar products to cart. Those cross sell products can be associated with this product here.
  • Digital Product - This is the voucher or ticket template.  Again, this field disappears when the Physical Product box is checked.
  • Images - There is a large image and a small image.  The small image is displayed with the product on the website.  The large image is displayed when the small image is clicked for more details.
  • Description - The description is displayed when the product is clicked and more details are shown.
  • Search Tag - You can add search tags for the product. For example, possible search tags for the a product Admission Ticket could be day pass, tiket, entry, etc.




Note: You can change the order of the products by dragging and dropping them to whichever order you prefer.


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